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KV STEP Kankakee Valley Stop The Ethanol Plant!

Is a group of concerned citizens that came together to stop what they feel would be wrong for their community. San Pierre is a small town of northwest Indiana, Starke County.

Our quality of life is a peaceful rural agricultural lifestyle. Based in the Grand Kankakee Valley Marsh Watershed, our community has a direct connection with migrating waterfowl, bountiful wildlife, as well as the graceful Sand Hill Cranes that visit every year.

The farming in our community is more than just corn and beans.
We grow some of the best Blueberries in the country, and produce a quality crop of Mint used throughout world.

Our mission is to protect the quality of life we enjoy today, and preserve it for our children and generations to come.

Please support our goal.

Public Meeting

May 12th 2008 6:30pm
The Christian Chruch San Perrie, In

There were two big announcements last meeting:
  • BONANZA BINGO has been postponed.
    We have some issues to iron out before we can proceed.

  • Judge Kim Hall has recused himself from our
    case. Due to a conflict of interest

CROPS Meeting

Sunday April 20th @ 1:00pm at
St. Luke's Fellowship Hall San Perrie, In

The final draft of the Master Plan for San Pierre needs to be discussed and approved.
This is very important to our cause. It could help us tremendously now and in the future!
We need to be very clear about what we want for our community.

If you can not make it to the meeting Sunday, please send Mr. Dorgan an e-mail with your comments.

You May View The Master Plan At:

Fundraiser Ideas?

We discussed the possibility of having some type of smaller fundraiser at the Mint Festival.
Anyone with info or connections to the Festival,
please e-mail us

If Anyone has other ideas/suggestion for fundraisers, please drop us an e-mail or come to our next meeting.

May 12th 2008 6:30pm
The Christian Chruch San Perrie, In

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